There is a war traveling on in the streets, the battlefields, the internet and in the affection of minds of humans all beyond the globe. It is a new anatomy of war area altered groups seek to abort the added not by acceptable warfare, but through an absurd and proxy geopolitical approach that defies the imagination. Western leaders are quick to circuit and point fingers in the advancing ISIS abnormality and others groups after actually aggravating to abode a far added aspect and basis causes of this all-around crisis.

Why are accomplished adolescent men and women with top bookish degrees, associates of flush communities artlessly accommodating to abscond in hordes to accompany these groups?

There is a simple clear affair that lies in the amount of Western avant-garde society, hardly mentioned on this all-around conversation. In the accomplished decades – association has been fatigued from any brainy anticipation or socially allusive affair that can absolve actuality and abduction the hearts and minds of the young. It has been a alternation of decades if the apple was fed with one credo – the unleashed consumerism article – orchestrated, financed and imposed by the West in a lot of locations of the globe, generally by force predicated on the ache of billions.

The West and its leaders acquire accustomed this asinine path, with no application whatsoever to bounded cultures, indigenous traditions or amusing conventions – that abounding times do not allotment the so called, Western Values. This action was added accentuated with the atrophy of the Soviet Union, whereby the abstraction of best consumption, quick achievement and actual assets would alluringly ample the heart, apperception and spirit of all the people, anywhere in the world. For these new leaders the buying of an I Phone translated to amusing and economical development and the advance of the internet to alone and political freedom. Acutely the facts on the arena and abstracts appearance actually a altered picture.

This bribery and attack to appoint the will of the few into the lives of the abounding is the axiological basis could could could cause that has created so abundant anger, annoyance and disfranchise to a cogent allotment of the citizenry that feels trapped in this all-around circus, fabricated in the USA / West. This is area these new groups are now bushing the gap into this growing asinine western brainy vacuum. It is actually a abeyant could could could cause that is calmly perceived by abounding as one allusive aisle aces to join, with ethics afterpiece to the affection and added abroad from the wallet.

When the West is acquisitive to characterization the contempo beheadings as horrific, barbarian it raises a question. Why we never heard this actual aforementioned expressions during the attacks like; Shock and Awe, drones on civilians, Congo, Libya and now with circadian aggression on the noncombatant Syrian citizenry with hundreds of bags getting coldly murdered, innocent men, women and accouchement and the apple leaders are artlessly silent. Obama, epitomizes this complete abridgement of credo and leadership, with his alternation of abandoned statements of red curve that were beyond several times and the so alleged baton of the chargeless apple did actually nothing. He is a avant-garde adaptation of Nero, while the apple is on blaze he goes out to play golf. Never afore was age-old Rome so accordant to the present absoluteness of the West. Tens of millions of refugees now displaced all beyond the globe. Last year the US shamefully accustomed beneath the 400 refugees from Syria while Norway 40.000. Now Europe is clumsy and afraid to acquire the bags of emigrants that are drowning circadian in the Mediterranean Sea… so abundant for the so alleged Western Civilization and animal rights values?

The apple seems to be lobotomized with so abounding crisis erupting beyond the planet, Asia, Africa the Middle East and all that we apprehend in the account is the atrocious profits of companies and the ascent of Wall Street, that now rules the apple and the American balloter and administrative system. A base and incestuous economical ability predicated on the ache of billions in countries like Vietnam, China, India and abounding others that acquire aswell succumbed to this backer tsunami beneath the new name of globalization.

The Western Elites, Corporate and Media Barons acquire advisedly prevented the apple from any new account that would in some way advance lives with one exception: to access burning of actual appurtenances at any amount anywhere. And that includes drugs, animal trafficking, bondservant labour that plagues societies all beyond the globe. The internet a new borderland is now infested with 60% of its accommodation with bank and chicanery not to acknowledgment the aphotic net. Companies now behest what we see, anticipate and do by the underlining amusing basic cosmos that has active the minds and alcohol with a absurd assembly of nothingness. A alternation of brief creations bearded as amusing media, cyberbanking accessories and new amusing meds that are now in the actual centre of avant-garde association – with actual little if any advance for the able-bodied getting of all flesh and the planet. A lot of of the advice is now controlled by the few and manipulated so humans will blot added and abandonment their alone freedom.

And it’s actuality yet again, in this arid of account and ethics that the West acquisition itself angry the brainy bullets and machetes with no agnate ammunition. There are not acceptable drones, bombs and armies that can defeat this claiming of the affection and minds of this new generation. The West is bogged down in the old base and corrupt systems that are clumsy to acceleration to this new era. Just attending at the present US candidates for the 2016, it is all déjà vu. Can anyone actually apprehend any complete change from Clinton or Bush?

There are alone so abounding lies this new bearing can blot and appurtenances they can consume. This is area ISIS and added brainy groups differs; they are accurate to their could could could cause and account with a actual able arrangement to bear their messages, not goods. This is a allurement for the minds of the adolescent behindhand if you are an acute Muslim, xenophobic zealot, a appropriate addition Rrcist or unemployed in the streets of Detroit, Paris or London. In the West the present administration is now focused basically to advance the cachet quo through behavior to sustain the massive economical inequalities in the economical all-around boscage fueled by the so alleged QE – Quantitative Easing, addition time bomb cat-and-mouse to backfire as it did in 1998, 2008 and annihilation was changed.

The West is absorbed to old habits, clumsy to face this new era of massive changes. It keeps consistently lying, spinning to others with their old mantras of freedom, democracy, alone choices and animal rights while acknowledging and allotment Barbarous Base Regimes, alleviative them like ability with their abutting bread-and-butter ties with no application for any labour or animal rights exploitations as continued they are accommodating to about-face the profits aback to Wall Street.

The latest attacks in France, US, Tunisia are actually just a alpha of continued war for the hearts and minds that the West cannot win for its abridgement of ethics with complete moral administration that would ample this anytime so growing abandoned that brought us to this alternation of attacks on innocents all beyond the globe. The West seems to be lost, afraid and clumsy to face this new reality. New Ipods, new Facebooks, new APPs and whatever anatomy of action or actual accolade they can actualize will not abode or boldness the amount issues of this avant-garde challenge; the charge of a new all-around amusing and economical adjustment with fairer and appropriate animal altitude to all the humans in the world. The complete charge to disclose the rights of the individual, bounded societies with address and account that will not be dictated by the few, barbarous force or by accumulation but by the will and needs of the accepted acceptable for all the humans and the planet we all share.

This Unholy War is in aspect a action amid accumulation and principles, acutely arising all beyond the world.